i.MIX - in a handy, patented 2K foil pouch

Handy for the installation of bathroom accessories.

Product features

▪ 2K-SMP adhesive
▪ Complete curing between airtight surfaces
▪ Adhesive solution for bathroom accessories
▪ Ideal as an accessory pack
▪ Easy handling
▪ Fast curing time (4 hours)
▪ Hazardous substance identification free
▪ Removable without residue

▪ Made in Germany

i.MIX Pouch 11 g
Art.No. 1000-32

Packaged product / Own label product for the sanitary industry (manufacturer bath accessories)


▪ Installation of sanitary accessories such as towel rails, toilet roll holders, mirrors,
   Soap baskets, shower bars, grab handles, etc.
▪ Dispenser systems for the commercial and public sector such as soap dispensers,
   paper towel dispensers, etc.
▪ Installation of shower / partition systems such as wall profiles, floor profiles, etc.
▪ Bathroom furniture
▪ Mirrored cabinets