i.SEAL - the silicone-free sealant

The revolution in the bathroom - free from silicone and yellowing.

The innovative, transparent SMP sealant is suitable for applications in damp rooms.

Product features i.SEAL

▪ Mold-resistant (microorganism DIN ISO 846)
▪ 1-component SMP sealant with little yellowing
▪ Color: transparent
▪ Ideal for joints in the sanitary area
▪ Silicone and solvent free
▪ Free from isocyanates  (hazardous substance)
▪ Low thread formation
▪ Good stability of the caterpillar body
▪ Odorless
▪ No cracking due to low shrinkage
▪ Optimal smoothing behavior

i.SEAL cartridge 290 ml

Art. no. 1000-40 

i.SEAL+ gas cartridge 200 ml
Art. no. 1000-44

Grouting and sealing of:

▪ Tiles
▪ Washbasins
▪ Shower cubicles
▪ Bathtubs
▪ Toilet seats
▪ Windows