i.STICK is available as a 1-component pouch and a 2-component pouch. This small powerhouse can be filled into 1-100g foil pouches depending on customer preferences. 

 Product Features 

  • Available as either a 1K or 2K SMP adhesive 
  • Complete curing between airtight surfaces 
  • Adhesive solution for bathroom accessories Ideal as a supplementary solution 
  • Easy handling 
  • Fast curing time (2K: 4 hours, 1K: 24 hours) 
  • Hazard labeling-free Residue-free removal 
  • Made in Germany 

i.STICK 1K  Adhesive Pouch 6g
Art. No. 1000-36

i.STICK 2K  Adhesive Pouch 6g
Art.No. 1000-90

Supplementary product/Own-label product 

 Possible Applications 

  • Sanitary accessories 
  • Shower bars 
  • Toilet seats 
  • Pipe clamps 
  • Roller blinds/Pleated blinds 
  • Curtain rods 

  • And much more...