i.FIT - The tailored mounting aid for the installation of hygiene dispensers. 

  • The unique time-saving solution for installers
  • 30-50% time savings compared to drilling
  • Efficient simplification of recurring installation processes
  • No purchase and transport of unwieldy machines
  • Eliminates the need for expensive tools (Diamond drill, drill, vacuum cleaner, etc.)
  • Non-destructive installation on tiles without drilling
  • No final cleaning of the installation site from drill dust
  • Quiet installation
  • No power supply needed at the installation site 
  • Mounting plates and adhesive can be removed without residue

Use our ready-made i.FIT mounting aids or customize the Universal i.FIT mounting aid yourself. 

Custom i.FIT mounting aids can also be manufactured. 

 The time-saving assistant for installers simplifies recurring installation processes. When combined with the fast-curing 2K CA adhesive i.FAST and the matching mounting plates, installation time is optimized. 


The i.FIT mounting system is compatible with all common hygiene dispenser systems from brands such as: TORK, Kennedy, Katrin, Tubeless, Rentokil Initial. More to follow. 


The mounting plates are placed on the specified mounting points via the threaded bolts in the i.FIT mounting aid.

Custom mounting plates can also be manufactured depending on the requirements.